Dhruv Kumar

Comes from family background who have been into manufacturing of Ayurvedic Skin & Hair care since 1978. He initially started working under his father and learning about formulating products & the use of Ayurvedic ingredients in manufacturing, before branching out on his own. Mystic Valley was always his vision from the start, where he wanted to develop products using inspiration from Ayurveda and combining them with Modern day actives to develop natural products & brand with the best of both worlds. This is what differentiates Mystic Valley from other brands available. We don’t claim to be Ayurvedic, but we go a step further and give you problem solving products with the best actives available today, but we do not use any animal derived ingredients.

Kamakshi Kumar

Not from this industry. Background in Corporate Banking, joined Dhruv’s business 2 years ago for handing E commerce & Marketing the pet care brand. Was actively involved in the designing of the brand & formulation of the products. Each product was tried personally before finalizing for sale in the market Her vision for Mystic was a brand that presents itself as a clean or natural while being premium Something that is free of harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients so that it can be used by people of all ages, from teenagers to older age groups. Hence the products range from Anti-Acne to Under eye to Light face cream & Anti ageing cream