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Mystic Valley

Honey Dew & Vanilla Dust - Moisturizing Sugar Body Scrub

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Polish your skin while moisturizing. Our Honey & Vanilla Body Scrub not only polishes off old skin cells to reveal fresh fabulous skin, but the oils and essential oils in this formula nourish and moisturise too leaving it glowing with a subtle but oh-so-irresistible scent of fresh vanilla. Honey is naturally an anti-bacterial making it great for acne treatment & prevention. Infused with Vitamin E Oil for extra skin hydration. Warm and inviting aroma, sure to soothe and comfort.


  • Aromatic scrub with natural oils gently exfoliates to relax and improve blood circulation
  • Natural hydration which promote skin collagen
  • Removes dead cells and rejuvenates skin
  • Free from sulfate, parabens, and preservatives
  • Eco-friendly packaging


Almond Oil - Powerful and effective moisturizer, gets absorbed into our skin quickly. Helps soothe and Promote flawless skin, great for sensitive skin too.

Avocado Oil - Rich in antioxidant and vitamins helps heal dry, irritated skin. Protect skin from damaging UV rays.

Sugar Crystals - A natural exfoliant that unclogs pores, regulates oil production, and reveals healthy skin, sloughing off dead and damaged skin cells.

Jojoba Oil - Vitamin E & B-complex help in skin repair and damage control. Keeps skin calm and comfortable.

How to use

Use wet skin in the shower after cleansing, to remove surface dead cells and polish the skin. Rinse well with water.