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Sunset Gold Radiance - Age Defying Facial Serum with 24K Gold

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Age Defying Facial Serum with 24K Gold For thousands of years, gold has been a symbol of status and beauty. A soothing serum that pampers your skin with a dose of moisture, leaving it supple, smooth, and youthful looking. Absorbs rapidly to immediately restore elasticity and radiance to damaged and tired complexions. The 24K gold flakes instantaneously give the skin a natural radiance.


  • A soothing serum that visibly diminishes signs of aging and lightens pigmentation
  • 24K gold flakes give skin a natural radiance
  • Eliminates fine lines and restores firmness
  • Dermatologically tested serum that is pure and unadulterated
  • Eco-friendly packaging


24K Gold Dust - Increases skin's elasticity, lightens the skin's complexion, stimulates the cells making the skin firm.

Phytic Acid - Stops melanin production, reducing dark circles under eyes, giving luminosity. Reduces the appearance of shadows and puffiness.

Glutamic Acid - Amino acids help collagen production, reversing the effects of aging, restoring skin's natural tone, and smoothing out the texture.

Sandalwood Oil - Antiseptic properties prevents acne and rashes, heals inflammation, cools and soothes sunburns, gently exfoliates, helps fade scars, moisturizes, and tones the skin with mild astringent action.

How to use

On cleansed skin, apply a few drops evenly across your face & neck and gently massage.