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Mystic Valley

Turmeric Dawn & Dewy Neem - Skin Clarifying, Oil Control Face Wash

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Enriched with powerful herbal extracts‚ this specially formulated facial cleanser gently cleanses skin and fights impurities. The ayurvedic blend of Indian herbs is cooling, soothing and softening for the skin. Ideal for uneven skin tone and blemish prone skin.


  • This Ayurvedic blend clears clogged pores while replenishing the skin's natural moisture
  • Powerful herbal extracts purify skin and add a natural glow
  • Helps to clarify skin, tone pores, and give skin a smooth appearance
  • Free from sulfate, parabens, and preservatives
  • Eco-friendly packaging


Turmeric Extract - A Natural cleanser to get clear skin, free from pigmentation and blackheads.

Witch Hazel Oil - Acts as an astringent to help shrink pores, soothes the skin.

Neem Extract - Natural antibacterial that calms skin and soothes inflammation.

Vitamin E - Protects skin from UV rays and pollution. A natural preservative, rich in anti-oxidants.

How to use

Apply a small amount on wet skin to gently cleanse the skin. Rinse well with water and pat dry.